special interests/interests

object shows (tpot, bfb, bfdi), obscure things, technology (operation systems), azumanga daioh, homestuck, james ferraro, anything from the late 2000s/2010s (nostalgia), teletoon, ytv, scott pilgrim, lucky star, yume nikki, yume 2kki, old rblx, art, music, mlp, my bloody valentine, my babysitter a vampire, old early internet stuff, aphex twin, di gi charat, serial experimental lain, elfen lies, tek lintowe, radiohead, lil b, old mario games, vinesauce joel, geography, being stuck in old timing, hayley williams (paramore), chuu, local files, ranfren, twilight, vampires, chief keef, welcome to hell, hatsune miku, nigahiga, eddsworld, the venture bros, aqua teen hunger force, scott pilgrim, haibane renmei, touhou, kingdom hearts, mtv downtown, a kockásfülű nyúl


* basic criteria (weirdo, phobic, p*do, bad shit in general)* annoyance people* u a bitch in general lol


* im a idiot* i tend to act very awkwardly or dry, mb* lmk if someone i fw known problematic


20 + 12/05/04 + spectrum of autism + any pronouns (they/them prefered (he/him if close)) + genderfluid/non binary + artist/musician/ytper/producer

links + tumblr + steam